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Device that releases water?

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Hey guys, I'm after something small and cheap that will simply run off a timer and dump a small amount of water. Reason being I want to release carbon dioxide, via "co2 enricha" at lights-on every day. Obviously I would have to refill the powder every day but I can't always be there at lights on.... Know of anything? Its only like 50ml of water that needs to get dropped into a bowl.... anyone?


I have the timer obviously, just need to release the water with a power-on...

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nutrient dosing pump would do the job, but the cost would blow ya away.


Maybe a 4mm airline connected to a bottle of water, with a 12v 13mm inline solinoid switch (bunnings sell em) with a flow restrictor on the end to dump 50mm in over one minute, set on a digital timer.




12v battery charger $30

digitial timer $40

hose 4mm $1

solinoid $20

bottle $1

flow restrictor $1


still pretty close to 100 bucks


Why dont u just slowly drip it in?




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Yeah, solenoid doser or a drip is the way to go. Make sure you use a big ass container though, as that shit can bubble up like nothing else.


Also, that co2 enricha is simply a mixture of bicarb and powdered acid, which when released through water, releases co2.


bicarb is cheap, as is phosphoric acid for ph down, so you may want to consider using some sort of simpler acid doser using those rather than spending a small fortune trying to keep co2 levels up with co2 enricha.


Hope that helps.

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