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Can anyone tell me anything about this plant?

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Hey guys.


If youve been following my grow diary you will have seen this plant before. But anyway I would just like some sort of information on it... whether you think its sativa/indica, some idea of origins or any sort of info you can give me at all.. anything is helpful!




Also, do you think it will show more about itself once it starts to bud? Would you be able to tell more from its buds rather than from veg photo's?

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those leaves look pretty phat !


u can tell from a plant , at this stage , whether or not its indica or sativa ( indica is fat leaves , sativa is long skinny leaves). Each supposedly has a different type of high.


But only those with a trained eye will be able to identify what strain the plant is ( northern lights, AK-47 , superskunk etc) after it has developed a bit more.

At the moment i'd wager a guess that that plant of yours is an indica.


More will be revealed as your plant grows & you post more pics.

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