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Which Bubble Bag Is For You ?


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Ok well as some of you know Bubble bags will very shortly be available in australia through ozstoners, the purpose of this poll is to get an idea of what people are goign to be most interested in , this will allow us to stock sufficient numbers for the most liked kits and ofcourse save us from getting stock that has little to no interest Our first order is already in with them but this will help allot for the future :( , so I guess I shoudl tell you a bit about the bags


there are two primary types of bags , and also various sizes to choose from


the first option is the a 3 bag kit which contains


220 micron- mixing and filter bag

73 micron -filter bag

25- micron filter bag

Pressing Screens

Carry Pouch


The 3 bag Kit is only available in one size which is 5 gallon , the volume of trim that they will process at once is 1/2 lb, the down sides of these bags is simpy the amount of screens used which means you mix your grades of hash allot more and only get 2 types at the end , however it has the upside of beign substantialy cheaper than the 7 bag kits


the seccond type are the 7 bag kits which contain


220 micron- mixing and filter bag

190 Micron - filter bag

170 Micron filter bag

120 Micron - filter bag

73 Micron -filter bag

45 Micron- filter bag

25- Micron filter bag

Pressing Screens

Carry Pouch


The 7 bag Kit comes in a variation of prices and sizes ( they suprisingly go up together :D ) Starting at 1 gallon ( 2 oz) then the larger 5 gallon ( 1/2 pound) , and finaly for those of you not wantign to screw around with lots of runs there are the 20 gallon kits which will process 2 pounds of dry trim at a time , the only down size is the price of these , they do cost more than the 3 bag kit however if your a person who likes really good hash there really is no other option to consider, forget the hash being full melt , when you see the results fromt he last few bags you will melt yourself :P


because bubblebags have not been distributed here yet as a wholesale item we are not able to provide an exact retail price for the kits yet ( sitll need to sort out duties ect) , however I will let you all know what the prices are as soon as I'm told I can, it will be similar to bubblebags.com itself without the large shipping costs though ( you know we will do what we can for you :( )


Ok so now you have read through the post it's time to vote and helps us out a bit :D

simply select what option you truly feel meets your needs


As a pre warnign if your a person interested in the larger 20 gallon kits and want it soon please pm me and I'll get it in with our first order as there are zero spares in that size


Thanx for your help in advance


Pure & Oz Stoner

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Guest medcannabis

Nice work pure, sounds like quite a treat the aussies are in for.

My vote goes for 5 gal 7 bag kit.


I was going to buy bubble bags, then realised I'd rather support PC making similar bags in Oz. Postage from bubblebags was going to cost around $100-150 US for one set, pretty outrageous, plus their email service and answering questions was pathetic.


What I am meaning to say, it's good to see more products in australia, but i'd rather support a maker in aus. I've yet to get PC bags, but from the reviews they should work a treat.


So good work Pure, but also good work PC.

(:( either way, i'll probably eventually indulge in a set of b-bags aswell from you guys if I ever get the funds saved)

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I have a set of PC's bags that I am very happy with, they have also been borrowed quite a bit too and are very durable, it would be very interesting to see how the Bubble bags would compare with them in a side by side test though.


Pure, are those gallons USA (3.8L) or Imperial (our old system, 4.5L)?



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Oz stoners have been a suporter of the porche creation bags since they came online and will continue to do so in the future .

I have used the poorche creations bags and actually found some minor issues with them that would be easly enough avoided or fixed with a minor adjustment


we wanted to give bubble bags a go because they have a fantastic reputation and deliver the results to deserve it


We plan to do a write up compairing the two very shortly with upsides and downsides shortly, and ofcourse would love to see some writups from other people aswell :D


They both definatly have thier ups and downs and both have an equal place here in Aus which is why I don't think there are two seperate sides for this just the one side of peopel wantign nice hash :(

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Looks Like the 5 gallon 7 bag kits are gonna be very popular , they are my personaly preferance aswell as they give all the grades and can still do a fair amount


Not as much as the 20's but I am a person who doesn't mind doign a few runs , If I had more mattter to get through I would definatly make the investment though they pay for themselfs in the first run

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he he naa this isn't a sale thing at all , anyone that is definatly interested and want em as soon as they come in should give me an email or pm not use this poll , we just wanted an idea of what was more popular not gonna hold peopel to thier opinions :(
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