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1000w air cooled in wardrobe

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do you guys think it would be possible to do a 1000w hps in a wardrobe if it had an aircooled reflector and decent cabinet ventilation ? it would be in perth in a garage so things might get hot in summer , perhaps just in winter and leave it on a 12-12 cycle during night hours ? then switch to a 400w normal reflector setup in the summer months . would this be advantageous if it would work in terms of yield ?


im only asked cause I got a 1000w hps already that I have never used bought for a room grow . but I have to do a stealth wardrobe in the garage this time , no other option .

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air cool shades work good mate, and I think you probally could do it, but this is how id do it.


1)run your 12/12 lights at night time so you can duct cool nighttime air through your light.

2)duct for shade to get/expel air from outside.

3)run a high power inline fan (like a td500) to shift cool air into light shade quickly.

4)seal any gaps around shade to really get a good sucking happening

5)also run a large inline extraction fan on cuboard to remove any heat buildup that the shade does not expel - making sure that the air is also ducted from outside to get cool air in to your cuboard at night time when the light is on


Hope this helps mate, and yes i think you could do it with a 1000watt hps. I recken you would the tightest buds ever with that many lumens in a cuboard.



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You could use two wardrobes back to back (with their backs removed) to make one big wardrobe with doors at both ends, one wardrobe is a bit small for a 1,000w and even a 600w is a bit of overkill there. Another problem with the 1,000w is light sealing the wardrobe(s), you will need to be very careful and inventive there. My recommendation would be to get hold of a lawn locker and a few cans of expanding foam and set that up in the garage, paint the inside with flat ceiling white as it's a bit hard to stick panda film to metal. The main drawback is the cost of the shed but you would using the light produce a lot more ounces than you would using a wardrobe and you probably wouldn’t need an air cooled hood either.



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hey guys thanks for the replys


unfortunetly this setup is in my normal 2 car garage , with 2 cars ! the door will be opening and closing and visible from the street . so stealth is very important , essentially it would need to look like a real wardrobe in a garage .


would a 1000w wardrobe be more difficult to light proof than 400w? 400w is still damn bright and the yellow hps light is pretty noticeable . my plan was to make the wardrobe totallly sealed , wheather striping on all the doors , door jams etc and all ventalation entries and exits would use ducting and the ducting would take s-bends to stop light , ducting as the rear of the cupboard up against the wall . I can arrange some boxes and other stuff to hide the ducting from the street if needed .


theres really not much room unfortunetly with 2 cars and normal garage crap .


my local hydro shop sells a wardrobe kit complete and part from the 30cm duct at the top its light proof and just looks like a white wardrobe . they do 600w versions , i believe the 600w is aircooled reflector also .


anyway id appreciate any advise for stealth wardrobe grow in my garage if anyone has any other suggestions

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move a car out to the street :(


having 1000watt light is excessive for a single wardrobe and it would really take some cooling :thumbdown i have a 400watt light and its a bitch to keep my single wardrobe cooled so for 1000watts i would defiantely do what tom said and get a second wardrobe....


IMO having 1000watt hps in anything less than a double wardrobe is a waste of time and energy...that 1000watts could light an area 3x that with no problems and your yield would be so much bigger its not funny...IMO get a car outter there :smoke

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