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the sweet smell of MJ

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Depends on the strain, and how big you grow it, but yeah, it's usually only necessary to install a carbon filter, at the flowering stage. Some strains are particularly smelly even in veg though, so it should always be monitored.


Anyone who knows the smell of growing MJ, (and don't think it'll be like the smell of smoking weed, or even dried weed, it's a very distinct scent) will know exactly what's going on as soon as they smell it. That includes police, rippers and pokey neighbours. So smell control is an absolute essential part of security in indoor growing in urbanised areas.


Carbon filters aren't cheap to begin with, but usually come as fan/filter combinations, so you've got both at once. Then once you hit flowering, or a little bit into it really, a couple of weeks say, or when you have noticed a scent coming from the room, you can just install the unit before or after the fan and all smell will be gone.


Note: negative pressure in your room is also important, as if you have more air coming in than out, (like if you have too strong a fan intake) it will leak out of the cracks in the room, and defeat the purpose of the filter.


Hope that helps.

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hey all


once an MJ plant starts to flower, is that when the smell will kick in ?


does it smell before that ?


would 1 small plant smell out a 3m x 3m x 3m room ?


The plants smell alot more in flower as they have flowers on them.

eg- smell a rose bush or jasmine with no flowers on it. it still has a smell to it.


but then have it with flowers on it and you will smell it metres away.

same thing with cannabis, its just a flower that we smoke.

it still has more essential oils etc if it has a flower.


yes the plants can smell before that, but no where near as bad as if they were flowering.

I had one strain that smelt worst in veg than it did in flower :D but thats not usual.



1 small plant would smell out you whole house unless you use a carbon filter or ozone generator.



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