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different types


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since im a first time grower im taking it easy i got some seeds off a few blokes so i hav no idea wot (strains?)they are.


I have four that are real bushy and green the same as net pics still only young tho =/


And i have a fith that is weird it is tall and has really small leaves compared to the others, and on the leaves are like silvery type tiny bumps. And it smells sorta like mint B) B) But is healthy by the looks of things


Any on know what alien type of thing this is ??

Dunno just wondering B)



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by the sounds of things the four that are bushy are of Indica variety and the fifth is of Sativa, thats only making an asumption but, it's extremely hard to make judgements on strains without looking at them, even sometimes looking at them is hard to determine.

what your main problem will be is determining males and pulling them from the crop as the males will polinate the females leaving you with little or no bud to smoke.

what your after is sinsemillia - seedless buds.

just have a cruise around this website as theres endless information for newbies and if ever in doubt, ask someone in the apropriate area B)

theres deffinately no shortage of experienced growers on these forums i can assure you hehe.

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Not sure if it is but just have a check under the leafs for any spidermites, they usually leave a creamy colour discolouration where they have leached the leaf. They are about the size of a few hairs so you have to look close and wait to see if they move. I dont think this is the problem but just incase..... if you have any other qs feel free stonedas


When males are flowered they form pollen sacks which when are mature they split. If that plant gets shaken by an inlet fan or by you it will release all the pollen. Whereever this may fall it will seed. You can wash the plant with water to reduce the area pollinated if found early enough. But thats along way off yet..

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