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Rasoli, Nanda Devi, Kumaoni, Mansehra and other strains from the TRSC

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Hello, does anyone have experience with strains from The Real Seed Company? On the icmag are photos of huge and vital Kumaoni plants with giant leaves, the described growth rate is unbelievable. Described High and exceptional terpene profiles are exactly what i love.

These plants must be able to cope with unexpected frosts and hot flashes, moisture as well as poor soil and droughts. These sativas from the foothills of the Himalayas come from an environment where there are many miles of elevation and so there is a constant exchange of pollen from plants that live in the almost tropical climate of the lowlands, with plants that are several miles away and must be able to cope with the almost subpolar climate of mountain peaks. All this in a relatively small area gives local strains incredible variability and adaptability. 

Before I get the seeds, is there anyone with photos of these strains and could share the experience? I am very curious how these strains will do in our climate.

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I have a few of their seeds but yet to grow them, Manipuri, Mango Thai and Kumaoni. Unique landrace genetics which are rare these days. I have a lot of respect for growers looking at these options, as modern breeding seems not to have necessarily improved things. Lots of varieties have been lost sadly and need to be preserved.


Probably a good option as long as you realise these are landrace genetics, with all the associated issues. I have the Kumaoni as freebies, but if I was buying Himalayan, I would go with other options. There are mixed reports on the high from Kumaoni from a bit boring to very good. However, Angus says the high is great, so it is something you'd have to try. They used to have Kumaoni as freebies so if they still do you will get them anyway. Nanda Devi and Malana Cream might be safer. If you are looking at sativa options Manipuri would be great,as would some of the Laos. Also ACE seeds has some of these types and are likely to be more worked breeding wise, such as Anapurna I think it is, or one of their Himalayan crosses.


Angus from TRSC is one of the most passionate and knowlegable people on landrace and cannabis. There are a few podcasts that are worth a listen if you want to know more.

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