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Cannabis Oil & pets

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My mates dog has pancreatitis, Liver Shunt, been vaccinated around couple months, he has issues gaining weight, been on antibiotics due to secondary infection, vet says there's nothing more he can do bout his weight as he has tested for everything can't find out, I wanted to see if there are any experiences, Canna oil to help dog gain weight, or does it do the opposite. Mate is desperate will to try anything.

Me: "Anything you say"

Thought I might ask here.


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I only know what I've seen this isn't medical information.

But I've seen a dog get high....

And it seems they get hungry and thirsty, but dogs also seem to get affected off a small amount even so be careful with dosing if you go ahead.

It's worth a try I think especially if nothing else is working or as an alternative.

Cannabis has been an alternative medicine for over 10,000 years

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They don't get high at all, the product you buy is CBD, there is absolutely no thc in this oil


If it had thc you would not be able to buy it , and if it did have thc I'd be buying it myself


The reason they probably thought the dog was high was because it relieved the pain and the dog was just doing it's thing


If you were sore and couldn't move much and then all of a sudden you felt good I think you might be a bit more animated too


If we run out my old cattle dog struggles , with it once a day she's she acts like a dog without pain


Doesn't mean she high


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When my dog eats edibles and her eyes go bloodshot and starts drooling I dare say that's high.

But you can take what you want from what I've said.

I never once mentioned a single thing about CBD.

I don't breed CBD specifically into any of my varietals, so the effects I've observed have nothing to do with whatever dribble your speaking.

Dogs have SIGNIFICANTLY more cannabinoid receptors in their brain than we do.

Heres some stuff for you to educate yourself.




If you don't believe the first search that pops up in Google, then try one of those vetted pages.

Get back to growing mids.

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If you are giving your animals home made from oil made yourself from your plants


I think that says it all , what made you think that would be a good idea ?


Then wonder why it's stoned , more than likely a experience the dog doesn't like nor is it good for them


Good to know the forum has another know it all


And if you are looking for a slinging match , I ain't




But keep posting someone might answer you , maybe


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