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Candidiasis treated by rso ?





A doctor diagnosed me with candidiasis a few days ago, I have candida spots on my body that appear and disappear after treatment for 2 years, I don't go out much from home while I was active but I never took this as a side effect of the disease until now and I have lost 33lbs since these 2 years.


I am waiting to hear from him so I can start treatment and adapt to a diet to eradicate this candidiasis,

But I was wondering after documenting for years on rso if it could have a beneficial effect on candida?



I hope that some smart and spontaneous advice will be able to enlighten me after not having found anything similar elucidated questions.





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i have no idea on RSO & your problem but seems as though it could be only a band aid possibly

im def not a doctor but how much sugar are you consuming , like processed white sugar , carbs , fruit , dairy

cos doesn't candida love sugar ? if so maybe looking into a keto diet & doing intermittent fasting might be

a better option then just using the RSO 

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I've never heard of any cannabis preparation being used to treat a fungal infection. The key to avoiding outbreaks is to not provide good conditions for fungal overgrowth... avoiding damp or wet clothing, avoiding tight clothing, frequent bathing and clothing changes, losing weight if you are overweight, avoiding refined sugars and highly processed foods, and using a laundry rinse designed to eliminate fungus.


During his teens, my son suffered terribly with cutaneous candidiasis. Once it was under control with a prescription antifungal, he used Curash powder and all his jocks and socks were soaked Canestan laundry rinse before washing. It kept it well under control.


All the best, 



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