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Legalise Cannabis Party win two seats in Western Australia

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Nimbin’s HEMP Embassy president Michael Balderstone says members of the Embassy and HEMP Party are over the moon about the two Legalise Cannabis WA candidates who won seats in parliament.

“This is a genuine world first,” he said. “Many have tried but Sophia Moermond and Dr Brian Walker are the very first cannabis party candidates to be elected.”

“Hopefully the result will sharpen the focus on the seriousness of cannabis law reform as an issue. The legal medicine you can get via your doctor is only for the ‘well to do’ and there is no valid reason at all why we cannot be growing our own at home instead of paying prohibitive prices.”

“It’s no wonder there is a new wave of determination among cannabis consumers. They feel ripped off and the sentiment has galvanised into the Legalise Cannabis movement which is enthusiastic about becoming registered in every state and territory. “

Go to LegaliseCannabis.org.au to join your state party!

“The mainstream media loves the war on drugs, it sells ‘cops n robbers’ stories. Businesses only care about profit rather than the harm to society that’s caused by prohibition. Big Pharma wants to keep you on the drugs that they own.”

“Our health system was seriously compromised when vested interests took control of pain relief policy. Besides, our health should be out of the profit making zone if we are a compassionate society. Instead, law-makers have managed to turn cannabis from a very safe herb that anyone could grow at home, into some dangerous creature we are all to be afraid of and is only available via your doctor.”

“We only have to look at North America to see the consequences of legalising cannabis and they are all good. It’s time Australia made a move. We look like being the last nation in the western world to treat cannabis consumers with some respect.”

“We’ve invited The Honourable Sophia and Dr. Brian to MardiGrass and both are keen to attend, only covid will get in the way. In fact, there will be more politicians at MardiGrass than ever before which is encouraging and means something. The Greens always come, but NSW Labor’s Rose Jackson MLC is also coming this year.

We hope to see you too.

See the full 2021 program online at; NimbinMardiGrass.com

For more comment…contact Michael on 0472 760 236 or 02 6689 7525


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