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Dry powder nutes

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Getting over bottle fed nutes. Seems everyone designs the bottle stuff so you gotta mix at least 4 or 5 different products throughout the grow. I've been online in other forums and seen growers killing the pig with simple a + b powders from start to finish + a few doses of cal mag. I think the powder market is different than the bottle stuff. Looks like the dry stuff is all purpose hydro nutrition and designed to grow anything from start to finish without any dramas,


Anybody here using any dry powder nutes and having success. I'm pretty much looking for the most basic gear that I can find. This idea that Canna is a special plant with special needs is all just marketing, keep it happy the way you would any other flowering plant and she will do the magic herself.


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General hydroponics maxi gro and maxi bloom are one part powders for veg and flower but the prices have doubled on ebay if anyone does have it in stock. They work fine in coco with calmag.

Bunnings has a 2 part veg manutec powder.


It does take work to make sure all the crystals are dissolved - I use a jug with plenty of boiling water and a few minutes exercise, stirring then into the jerry can and dilute.


Premixed separate liquids are "expensive water" to some extent, but if you mix properly, they are actually easier to use than one part powders in my experience.


Manutec make a 2 part powder at Bunnings but I haven't opened my packet yet...

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I just received a heap of solid advice from another forum. I'm going to head to the ag store and pick up a few ingredients that are non Canna specific. There is no such things as cannabis specific nutrition just cannabis specific marketing with a huge price tag attached.


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