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Please Help - 1ST Grow - Outdoor

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Please can i get some help i have noticed 3 things emerge on my plant the last week some may be related some not i have no clue.

First ever grow so i'm very green.


Indoor/Outdoor: outdoor
Growing Medium: cannaterra pro
Growing Style: outdoor, in fabric pot
Watering/Feeding Frequency: every second day
Nutrient Strength (PPM/EC): cannaterra vega - as directed on nutes
PH Levels: 6.2
Temperature/Humidity Levels: outdoor south oz
Air Flow/Fans etc.: wind
Lighting Type (CFL/HPS/MH etc.): sun
Growth Stage: VEG
Plants Age: 1.5months
Cannabis Strain: dinafem bubba kush cbd


Problem 1:

What are these bugs and how do i get rid of them?



Problem 2:

What are these spots? they're on a number of leaves.



Problem 3:

One of the leaves is looking a bit yellow on the end, its only one of the big first fan leaves.

At first i thought the brown spot was where i maybe watered a bit of nutes on it but there's another now too?

Also i noticed zooming in on camera the leaf looks very spotty??



Thanks for your help!


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Hey Ouijah,

I don't see anything there to be too worried about.

The plant uses it's leaves as a reservoir. It stores up nutrients in it's leaves and uses those nutes as is required, hence the yellowing of the lower leaves.

Being outside a bug or two is normal, if you had lots of bugs that's a different story. But presently, I wouldn't be stressing, and its the same for the slight leaf damage. A drop of water evaporating from the leaf surface can cause some of those leaf markings but it's all normal. I would recommend you check the underside of those leaves. Some bugs don't like direct sunlight, so they hide on the underside of the leaf

The leaves near the growing tips look real nice with a deep green colouring. Now, if those were yellowing, that'd be more of a concern.


As a newbie it's real common to 'micromanage' (I did it too) ie Making heaps of changes in a short time period. But we have to remember that some changes made today may not have a visible impact for up to 2 weeks.

Personally. I think she's looking nice. IMHO it's a weed, let it grow.


Hope it helps


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Looks like u been doing the old pour on nutes from top of plant instead of slow pour from bottom


Just spilled a bit on ure leaves is all


That bug looked like a whitefly 2 me and the white markings are telltale signs of little buggers


Grab some neem oil and water more carefully and bob's ure uncle



P.S i could be so wrong so maybe wait 4 more exp growers

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Second post is this?

No help ......no explanation. You are not here to join and help the community. Here to make people feel shit.


Fuck off. We don’t want cunts like you here. :)

I know I didn't get the post I assumed there was a language barrier and the dude doesn't know how to speak English. If I knew what I was doing I wouldn't be posting questions and getting nutes on my leaves so I'm not at all moved by his comment


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