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My girls are flowering :( how do I get them back on track?

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Ok, so I messed up.


I started a couple girls under lights a while back.


Then when the light hit 12 hours, I put them outside.


But they still flowered!


One has started throwing the single, non serated leaves.

So I’m happy that will come good soon.


The other doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of reverting back.

I’m gifting this one to a friend that wants to do it indoor.


What’s the best way for them to revert it with as little stress as possible (I know it’s stressful, but trying to limit it) !?

Light for 13 hours? 14 hours? 18 hours?


What effect will this ,potentially, have on the girls?

I read about monster cropping and revegging (Usually after harvest) but would love to hear some opinions on this situation and/or experience!


Thanks !

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just bang em under 18hrs inside they'll turn....best to get it right at the start... I've got it sorted by using seeds planted a week before September I veg em under full spectrum LEDs at 13.5hrs of light... I use a digital timer with 1 min increments...everyday I just add a minute to lights on... I do that for 30 days until I'm at 14 hrs then put em outside at the start of October...works for me but with cuttings if your mother is under 18 hrs or more it can be problematic for some strains or pheno's....I've done cuts at 13.5 hrs off a mother that was vegged at 18hrs with success....hope they bounce back for ya.

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