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4x4 grow room air intake

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Hi peeps[emoji4] this is my first grow so ull prob read alot of questions from mii in the future lol.. iv got a 4x4 grow tent with a hyper v2 6" outlet fan.. but iv been lookin on you tube about the (air intake and cant find any answers to my question so thought i might as well take the plunge n ask you guys n pray its not a dumb question haha[emoji1787] so my question is, do i just open the rectangle mesh windows down the bottom of my tent to let air in.? N if so, wat about the light getting in.? Or do i hav2 put ventilation through the round hole down the bottom with a nother hyper v2 fan.? N if so how.? Dose tha fan just sit on the floor, wat about water gettin in it if theres a spill.? How do i stop bugs getting in.? Im so confused n feel real bumb askin, any help would be much appreciated..

Atm iv just got a piece of ventalation goin through tha round hole not connected to anythin ether side lol i figged well light cant go round corners haha[emoji1787][emoji1787]72a96b933722705d926ff24553d46065.jpg


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I duct taped Dynabreeze Filtamat over the mesh vents. Keeps dust and bugs out and some light out. I plan to tape another layer over the one I already put on to stop more light.


It can be cut to size easy.


It's from Bunnings for about $30.


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"...Im so confused n feel real bumb askin…" Well don't be feeling dumb. Dumb is going ahead blindly without asking, especially when you've got people to ask... US!!!

As Micmac states "passive air intake is fine". Passive means no fan on the ducting, but your exhaust fan on the other duct will pull fresh air in through that bottom duct as it pushes stale air out via the top vent.

Hot, stale air rises. So you want to be pushing air out thru the top vent.

"...i figged well light cant go round corners haha..." And that's exactly right. You can buy extra ducting from air conditioning wholesalers to extend it if needed.

I would be recommending that the bottom vent, your intake, should be drawing fresh air from outside of the room you have your tent in. Exhausting into that room and drawing from that same room is not what you want to do, you NEED fresh air.



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