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Advice on leaves discoloured and drying out


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Hey guys, can I please ask advice on my poor girl here, she's looking a bit sad.

I think I waited too long to ask so hope I can help her out.

I have 3 plants, the other 2 are looking not too bad, just this 1 that's going yellow and also some leaves are drying out.

Unfortunately the photo's appear off colour. Without taking them out of the tent I'm unsure if I can get a better photo (but I will if needed).





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Gday mate. Im guessing your Growing in coco and not using CAL/MAG ?

Am i right? [emoji4]




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I'm just using a potting mix from Bunnings mixed with perlite.


Honestly I can't recall exactly what it was, I think it just said it's suitable for tomatoes.


I'm also using Ionic Bloom for nutrients.


Should I be looking into some Cal and Mag nutrients?

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They look burnt up. Could be a number of reasons but you are using a soil with a hydroponic nutrient.  You are better off with organic nutrients but also potting mix from bunnies is really shit.. I would say they are overfed and or locking out those Hydro nutrients. 


If you want a proper potting mix specifically for growing weed get a bag of Canna Terra.    

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Hi Gee . Like stiritup says.. the potting mux and hydro nutes is the main issue.

Canna terra or coco perlite. Or living soil. Are your best options.


Are you monitoring PH of feeds?


If you choose coco.. id grab some Cal/mag.


What light have you got ? And whats the height of it..over the plants?


Hope that helps.




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If it's lockout your leaves will be yellowing over the whole plant. If it underfed the top leaves won't as affected as the rest.


By your photos it looks underfed. Or maybe overwatered. You need to let soil get pretty dry before you water again.


A potting mix grow is harder to correct. But If I were you I would grab some season liquid compost and some neutrog gogo juice. Mix those 2 in with some kind of a + b hydro base nutes and EC to about 1.4 and give it a decent water.




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