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Pro Grow UFO 100w and 200w

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Has anyone had any experience with the Pro Grow UFO led lights? I can’t find much in reviews on them as they seem fairly new, would either a 100w or 200w be suitable for growing one plant from veg to flower.


I am a complete newbie and need help please.

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Thanks Frank.


I am starting with gorilla glue and Critical autos. The set up at the minute is beyond basic with them sitting in my cupboard with a car window sun shade around them and one 100w UFO hanging from the cupboard rail over them lol.


I am very much a newbie and have kind of just started hitting the ground running not really knowing what I’m doing no so great expectations on yield so far as just getting beyond seedling stage has been a feat due to every rookie error R.I.P Groot no.2.


Also importantly they are outside in full sun for most of the day and I bring them in of a afternoons to kind of finish off a 18/6 light cycle, then back out the next morning.


I don’t know how feasible it is to keep this routine as they get larger, I am planning on getting a small grow tent for my wardrobe as I’m sure the light reflection would be better than a car sun shade and if need be I could down the track have the option of using it for longer periods if weather is bad.


I was considering getting another UFO so I could perhaps do three plants at a time and didn’t want to get another if they were no good or if I decided to do a full inside grow they were useless for that. My brain is fried trying to figure lighting out lol.


FYI I have one very small plant in living soil and the other I am trying out canna coco with nutes.

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Yeah ideally due to cost I would love to keep up with them being majority outdoors, the only concern is the smell as I have a very small backyard.


I bought a cheapie greenhouse to kind of hide them as its a green pvc type that I leave the door open as it heats up so quick plus it’s really just to protect a bit from prying eyes.

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