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Mixing Coco with soil

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Thank you M M,. I'm very fortunate to have access two black volcanic soil, which is full of goodies when tested, I mix that with a good compost that is well broken down, but I still think it needs opening up a bit, I was considering using 65 percent soil 20% compost and 15% Coco.. or there abouts,, any thoughts appreciated
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agree with mongy let it sit for a while b4 using 


very general rule of thumb you need a little more sulfur when using coco in a soil mix 

a little extra gypsum can help in that area but as mongy suggests , mixing compost & 

coco & leaving it to sit for a few weeks B4 use is prob all you need to do , of cause if 

you really wanted to get full on there would be a list of stuff you could add & do as long as 

your arm 


one of the first mixes i played with was coco & searles soil conditioner , 5 in 1 i think it was 50/50 mix 

might of added some perlite as well i think , used bottled nutrients back then , went ok indoors 


air in a mix is pretty important so adding some perlite or small scoria https://www.soilworx.com.au/shop/product/7mm-Drainage-Scoria-1?gclid=CjwKCAjwsan5BRAOEiwALzomX_5YMGVLsV7JcyZ7oMTU_CobQ4NjHcV8C2MIfbMw_v9oZrRICwflZBoCdRcQAvD_BwE would be handy


i'd prefer peat rather than coco myself , might want to checkout this write up on peat vs coco https://www.kisorganics.com/blogs/news/99806785-peat-vs-coco#:~:text=Pros%20of%20Coco%20Coir%3A&text=%22Renewable%22%20resource%20%2D%20byproduct%20of,to%2030x%20it's%20own%20weight.


also i think you'll find peat is cheaper when you buy a 220lt bale $45 https://nudgeeroadlandscapes.com.au/buyonline/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=330

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