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dark spot growing on the leave

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Hi guys, this is my first grow I’m having a problem with my little girl, the leaves are very curled down and there is a few spots that I have no idea what it could be.


Lights is hydro mars 700w (which is 300w) and they are 24” from the pot, 3L smart pot coco with 30% perl


Exhaust fan and ocilating fan, humidity between 60-80 when lights off and 50-70 with lights on, temperature is bet 21-26c



I was told to put water until you i see a few dropping and I might have done it too soon but why the dark spot?


If it is overwatered how can I solve it, I’ve been waiting 2 days to dry out but it hasn’t so I’m thinking to water tomorrowpost-67057-0-70175400-1592212736_thumb.jpegpost-67057-0-25974700-1592212700_thumb.jpeg

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Put your fingers in the pot - you’ll be able to tell if it’s really moist then don’t water again it’s easy to drown a seedling .

Don’t know what state your in but with winter upon us can take a while for the pots to dry out .once it has dried out a bit start again with 1/4 strength nutes .

Not sure about the dark spot one of the real pros will chime in no doubt .




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