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Seedbank ?


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I'm looking for a strain with the less smell possible...

I want to start a small cultivation with a goal at 100g per year.

I thought maybe auto/fem northern lights could be a good strain for my project (outdoor in garden, quite space with no visibility but still neighbours... Discretion is primordial !).

I would have prefer a pure sativa regular plant, but... Yeahhh discretion discretion.

In my mind, 4/5 auto per year (in a row every 2/3month) could provide me this amount of 100g per year.

So here I am with no fucking idea where to buy my seeds !

Is there a serious seed bank with my "precious" (northern lights auto/fem) I should choose ?

Is there any other strain with less odors than this one ?

See ya

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I had a similar interest about odour and recently did a comprehensive web search


One web site had the following listed as low odour or non cannabis like odour strains.


Photoperiod strains

·         Blue Mystic

·         Master Kush

·         Jack Herer

·         Northern Lights

·         Papaya

Auto-flowering strains

·         Auto Duck is an auto-flowering strain for stealth growing due to its lack of smell and unique leaf shape

·         Northern Lights Auto

·         Northern Cheese Haze Auto


Other sites suggested those and others including Blue Mystic, BC Mango, Durban Poison, Northern Cheese, Polar Express, Quick One, Sharksbreath and Wipeout express


 I cant vouch for the info, but it might be a start. Maybe someone on this site can add their opinion.

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