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I'm using osmocote plus organics and vermiculite in the soil, just not sure what to feed it when it comes into flowering time, I really only have Bunnings that I can go to.


Can someone please drop me some photos of some nutrients they know of from Bunnings that'll work during my flowering period.


Seeds root shot out after 3 days of being in a paper towel. The seeds now in the soil with a cut plastic bottle over it with a 100w cod led light above it. This will be days 3 in soil and no sign of anything so far.


I have auto BlackBerry's from fast buds. ✌️

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Hey buddy I pulled this from another forum... useful info about the nutes available at Bunnings , have a read , take from it what you will. I hope it helps champ! Good luck.



I Have Aquired the Below:

AG Grow "Grow" 1 Part (Soil/Coco)

AG Grow "Bloom" 1 Part (" ")

Dutch Master Gold Edition Potash+

Ozi Magic Gro Juice Monsta Bud

NSR GreenLeaves Boost Juice

Neutrog Gogo Juice

Charlie Carp Premium Org Fertiliser

PK 13-14 Flower Booster "Holland"

Seasol Power Feed

Manutec Epsom Salt Soluble

Dolomite Lime


AG Grow Base Nutrient 1 Part is Very basic & Easy to use, The 1 Part grow gives Amazing Results! It is a milky coloured Liquid, it is almost impossible to burn with, The 1 Part Bloom How-Ever, I did not have until the 3rd last week of my last Bloom/Harvest so i was not able to see results, This Grow Has had its dosages since 3rd last week of veg and through 2weeks Pre-Flower into Bloom, im not keen on the results of ratios in the 1 part bloom, NPK is 13-14-34 or close to it.

Dutch Master potash+ NPK is 0-4-11, Its a Bloom Booster Used From 2nd Last week of Veg Right Through to Week 5 or 6 of Bloom,

Then i have the ($46!!!) 1L PK 13-14 Flower Booster, Meant for 3rd Last week of flower & used once only but i will be adding it in small doses throughout the bloom cycle starting at beginning of week 2 (minor dose)


Ozi Magic Grow Juice Monsta Bud is a Plant Tonic, Can be used in conjunction with anything. Last Harvest I noticed massive Sweet Aromas & taste increased, Buds where nice Sticky & Oily Unfortunately they didnt ripen due to complete lack of Phosphorus boost.


NSR GreenLeaves Boost Juice Contains Vitamin B1 Thiamine & Natural Auxins for Plant Health


Neutrog Gogo Juice is a Designed & Tested Microbe Brew in a Bottle, All the Goodies needed, Its cheap as chips and can last a long time, you cannot burn plants with it, My experience this grow? First transplant from a medium pot to a large pot = Massive thick healthy rootbound bottom half container. Perfect Results! I noticed feeding this on day 1 & letting it dry almost right out for 3 - 5 days greatly increases rootgrowth, and because its packed full of kelp & seaweed the plant barely stresses when dried out.


Manutec Epsom Salt is easy to use, just mix shake & go, I have noticed results in top growth being green & older growth (Leaf Stems) Being Purple tinge but i also noticed i have to feed it heavy every watering otherwise the new growth ends up like the rest.

Dolomite Lime... I Almost threw the bag over the fence last time i used it, The Light sprinkle i gave my last harvest ended up Solidating the entire 10 inch surface of my soil, But i agree it also help & is cheap.


Seasol & Charlie Carps, "Blurk" Fuckin Stink, Its unfortunate because its hard to handle, i was thinking more around the lines of making a brew out of it? They basically contain the same stuff.


If anyone has Anything to add or any better experiences with the above products or different, Please Freely comment, I have chosen all the above nutrients as a complete nutrient pack as they all work in conjuction of each other & they are also Safe for coco and soil medium as well as safe with each other

(Only thing i was worried about was dutch master gold edition potash+, Technology sais its safe for everything & with everything other then the Dutch master Gold edition nutrient range itself (Isnt that wierd?)


Thank you for reading i hope i helped out.



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. Yea mate I’ve always seen it there. I’m in W.A and can remember them having it for the last 15 or so years at least. I’min a town about 3 hours or so from Perth , they even have it here. Grow , bloom , and booster.



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I've been looking for it but don't think they stock it any more Westy.


Not in Perth anyway


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I've been looking for it but don't think they stock it any more Westy.


Not in Perth anyway


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Yea man , they got rid of it from the smaller shops , but most Bunnings (warehouses) should have it. I know for sure the O’Conner and Madington ones have got it , if your south of the river , at around $17 each 1lt bottle.



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