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First time grow east coast

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Hi all,


I pulled a few seeds from a bag I got and this one was the Only one that sprouted. I’m a complete newbie but it seems to be cranking.


Sprouted at the start of November. Used what I had laying round for substrate premium potting mix, some mushroom casing stuff and slow release fert. Feeding it seasol powerfeed. Iv tipped a few times too try keep the height down.


Anyone know what strain it might be ?


Cheers post-66257-157818993671_thumb.jpgpost-66257-157818997562_thumb.jpgpost-66257-157819002084_thumb.jpg



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a good start would be descrbing the taste and smell and effect of the baggy it came from, looks pretty good but plenty of heads

The bag was outdoor stuff, real stinky....kinda harsh on throat(but from what I been reading it that’s a curing thing?).....had a real active body high. [emoji39]



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