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Camouflage methods for an urban courtyard grow

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So I live in a townhouse complex and have nice courtyard with lots of fruit and veggy plants in pots. Its fenced off but potentially viewable thru the slats of the gate or from the 2nd floor of adjoining townhouses.


Gonna try and punch out a single summer grow of a feminised Blue Dream and wanted to see if anyone has any tips.


I got a few off the internet that I am going to try. It will be in a pot so it can be hidden inside if really needed.


1) Obvious one is to train it low so it does not get too tall and keep it bushy


2) Get a rounding punch (used for scrapbooking) and round off the big fan leaves. I saw this on the net and it was amazing the difference it made to how the plant looked.


3) Get some little wax fruits or silk flowers and attach them here and there. Not too many and nothing too gaudy but just enough to eliminate suspicion.



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I'm growing in similar situation as you and I built a shade cloth frame and used 30% beige shadecloth to help hide plants from upstairs neighbours (and protect from hot sun) and also built a privacy screen from next door courtyard neighbours.


Can you put up a cover over the slatted gate?


Use current pot plants you have and place around your grow to either draw the eye or camouflage or as pest repellent or to hide smell with fragrant plants.


All the best

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I see what you're getting at but rather than do that, surround it with some other pots of tomatoes. Same pot would complicate things and the tomato might finish prior to the weed :)

Keeping on the topic of Auto's with a short cycle e.g 7-9 weeks. Is there any issues planting say Tomato's and the auto in the SAME pot ( container ) ?



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im planing on a grow late this year, been awhile my last was a closet grow when i was 19 ( 10 years ago). 
i was thinking of a timber frame and door with clear corrugated sheet for a roof as plan to run hydro, 30% shade cloth unless you can find 10-20% somewhere?
i didnt think the stink was that bad, assume its somewhat strain dependent, was now just thinking if carbon filters and a inline fan once it flowers might  help, worth a shot, even 2.


any other methods out there for the stink on a outdoor  ?

Hiding it is the most easy part it is when it turns to flower you will have issues the more into flower the stinky it will be come and every one with in a 100 meters will know you have it...

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