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Is this a nutrient or ph problem? Seedling

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It has been quite blotchy and curly looking for about a week. It showed some signs of blotchyness already I believe before I put some ‘seedling strength’ (1/4) nutes and seasol on it.


I’m guessing this didn’t help. I’ve fed with regular tap water a couple of times since and it still persists. Any ideas?


The strain is AK48 autoflower.


I just did a runoff test and it’s at 6.9 going in 6.3 ph coming out.


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Agree with Midlife

ATM, no nutes. You'll burn the bejeezus out of it. It's a baby and just like a baby you need to be gentle.

See  those rounded leaves, they are what is known as cotyledon leaves, they are the seedlings food reservoir,

Whilst they are still plump the plant is still drawing on the reserves within those leaves, so if you add ANY nutes at all at this point they should be VERY weak, again, as Midlife says less than 1/4 strength at most.

Over feed it now and it will die

Dope is a weed, let it grow. Micro managing a seedling will kill it, let it grow. It can't grow any quicker than nature. It's growing in dirt so it will have enough nutrient in the soil to keep it going for a bit, just keep it moist.


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