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What does this look like?

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This little seedling is about 2 weeks old. In potting mix, termed in a jiffy pellet. Has been getting watered with tap water, and had one feed of very weak seasol a week or so ago. I put maybe half a ml into about 6 litres of water and poured it around the edge. Gets watered every 3 days or so. There is a bit of vermiculite mixed into the potting mix, and coconut strand stuff around the bottom of the pot so it doesn't let all the potting mix fall out of the holes.




Does it look like nutes burn, or light burn?




The tent is sitting around 28-30 degrees, and 35-50% humidity.





This one was a random seed thrown in a pot, on the font patio. Germed about the same time. Just put it in the tent today, will re pot in a week or 2. See how it goes.




Thanks for any help or opinions.


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You are killing them with kindness. You only need to water about once a week, feel how heavy the pots are when dry then water, then feel how heavy they are wet. Also plants that small DO NOT need any nutes. They need nutes when the cotyledon (round) leaves start to turn yellow. Flush them with ph tested water (around 6.5-6.8 ph) then leave them to recover, hopefully they will, as hopefully you have not pushed them past the point of no return. The tent temps are ok it is too much love that has put them in the state they are in. Get rid of the vermiculite it holds way too much water. Perlite is imo the best to use in potting mix. Over watering is the main cause of your problem.

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Hi dude,

            You said you have coconut stand in there, is that coco coir? If it is, is it RHP Cert, RHP cert is coco coir that has been washed of all salts and buffered. If it is not, like the bunnings stuff you need to flush the hell out of it. Or your salts will build up fast.


Seeds have 1 month of food aka carbohydrate stored. No need to feed that young.


Also the pots are way to big, the reason you start in smaller pots is so that roots  get air pruned as that grow out side of the pot which help the roots branch and throw more roots. Is a large pot like that the tap root will continue to grow down, without branching out. Roots are lazy, if they don't need to do something they will not do it. Also if your roots are spending all that energy from the light to grow to fill that big pot, the top growth will be slow.


Also it looks like you have a HID HPS in a cool tube then some CFLs above the girls. If that is Right, just pick one. The CFL will be slower growth but less heat and if they are 6400K then better for veg. If you run the HID HPS they are so intents that they monster those cfl to the point that will be doing nothing. Just eating power.

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