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Hey guys. First indoor grow with plenty of learning/mistakes done.

Jumped the gun instead of doing some research first.

Here is what I have.

1.5x1.5x2m tent

600w mh magnetic ballast

Growlush 2 speed extraction fan.

2x 50L pots clayballs on pump 15 on 15 off

2x 20L dwc buckets.

Plants started from seed. No idea on variety.


I have been having trouble keeping correct temperature in the tent, so I have taken the glass off of the reflector and removed the extraction from the cool tube.

When i run the thermo gun around the room now, the clay balls get up to around 30c, the plants themselves around 23-24c, but most of the room is around 18-20c.

What is recommended here? Should the room be 26-28c everywhere, or is it just important where the plants are? I have an oscillating fan in there blowing air between the light and plants.

Will putting the glass back in and raise the light help?


Now i know i have the problem of too small light for tent, so hoping to get through this grow and then either go smaller tent or larger light. See what funds permit.


Thanks in advance.

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