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Weird plug with ballast? Help!

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Hey guys. I’ve been growing in my house under a 200w cfl. Simple set up, bulb plugs right into Australian power socket. Today I bought a ballast and a 400w hps lamp, but one of the sockets on the ballast has different plug, looks like the earth is rounded instead of a normal slit. This I assume is what plugs into the back of the light where my cfl is attached to. My question is do I have to go and buy the reflector from the hydro shop just to be able to plug this straight in? Or can I just cut out this weird ass socket and replace it with a normal one from an extension wire? Sorry I’m hopeless with this
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Those plugs are that shape for a reason. The reflector will have a specific ceramic fitting for that specific bulb with a specific power lead

DO NOT and I mean DO NOT go cutting anything. They are that shape to prevent people trying to plug the bulb directly into 240v. Do that and the bulb will explode.

It's a safety thing. Go buy the correct fitting.

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