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Blueberry/ Critical mass CBD guerilla grow

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Hi stoners. Have a nice little grow going this year on a plot i came across 3yrs back. I had a go in it back then with a hurkle and a pennywise which didnt go too well due to lack of rain and extreme high temps, also i made a noob mistake by digging holes and filling with my own soil without lining them, the native soil was near abouts sand and i think it may have effected them. I ended up with some really nice bud, structurally it was prob the best iv grown, maybe something to do with the fact this spot gets alot of sun. But the size of plants and yeild were low.


So this year i plan on lining my holes with heavy duty bin bags. Iv dug out a little dam an lined it with black concreters plastic then also covered it with camo. Iv also turned a extra otto bin i had into a water reserviour with a tap on the bottom that i will be putting a timer on for a gravity fed watering system. I dont think i will implement this though until the plants require water more than once a week as i wil be visiting plot once a week to go over,lst,water etc.

My soil consist of some super soil i bought online from organic gardening solutions, i highly reccomend these guys, they have a nice range of ammendments and the like for ur organic ganja growing needs. Super soil has been cut with perlite, premium coco and also had aome cana pro added through. Also extra neem meal, malted barley grains and ricr hulls. Holes will also be having some dead fish/pilchards added to bottom of holes before soil is added.


I made a really stupid mistake this yr and for whatever reason thought it would be a good idea to germ seeds in early august! What was i thinking! So i freaked out (as id spent 130 on the seeds) trying to think how to get around it and i went and bout a 800x1500 mother tent to get the light right so they dont turn into flower and reveg on me.. now.. that mgt still happen! lol as i am going to need to reduce light each week by 24mins from a 18/6 light cycle so it syncs with the outdoor light on the 5th of nov. I hope this all goes to plan and my plants make the happy transition outside with not a preflower to be seen!


I germed 5 blueberry and 5 critical mass, 5 blueberrys germd fine with only 2 criticals confirmed so far. I plan on going with 2 of each for my plot. Another 2 will be used to determine power of sun outdoors as i get closer to putting my girls outside, and the other 4 will be weeded out and probably given away or binned. Il put some pics up later of the girls and how they are doing.


I wish all my fellow growers a forgiving and plentiful season ahead. Fingers crossed we get ourselves a good harvest! Peace. Updates to come!

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Sweet brother, il change the timer tomorrow! Was worr it ed a reduction of 2 grs in light wld induce flower. But its not as if the days will be getting shorter at that time hey.

Have you done this in the past to give ur girls a leg up? The mendo dooe voys d ok this each yr, though there not very specific on what they do



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Cheers mate. Looking forward to it all. Everything has gone smooth so far. Went to plot just now to cut plastic back on holes and mulch. Little dam has a tiny bit of water in it with more rain on the way, so hopefully it fills it up more. Kinda wishing i had of washed camo though before lining dam. Bit paranoid chemicals will leach into water now.

Next thing on my to do list is to make a little box lined with shade cloth for when the girls go outside for the first time. Prob put em in there for a week then take out to plot. Hopefully that is enough to get them used to sun and minimise burns


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Dam sld be full now after all this rain. Plants have started to chew up the last watering i gave them six days ago which im happy bout as i think i may have went a bit overboard with the h20. Gunna let them go bone dry then give them there first feed of a&b and maybe a bit of seasol. Im thinking prob in another week.

The critical mass cbd's arnt going as well as the blueberry the germ rate wasnt as good and 2 of them dont look the best. With one having deformed new growth with white little stripet blotches on the leaves. Heres some pics. Pic on its own is my best blueberry thus far.



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