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Advice for a closet grow.

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I'm planning my first garden, a small closet based operation.  Just want to supply my own tasty treats, because I don't have a reliable source and I already home brew & home distill, so this would complete my home-made weekend supplies! 


Due to some domestic constraints and general privacy issues, I'm relegated to a bedroom closet.  The closet has a hanging space that could be cleared out, 60x60x180cm.  I'm considering one of the 40x40x120cm tents by Homebox or Secret Jardin.  Homebox also has a 30x30x60 version.  I could get a 60x60x140cm into the closet in theory.  But I imagine I might need a little outside space for vents, power cords, nutrient/water reservoirs, etc.   I plan to veg and bloom in this single tent, maybe dry the product in there too if that will work well.  I've read a lot on the internet about the more common larger tents (e.g. 1x1x1.8m) and also about micro-grows (e.g. PC case), but info is more scarce about tents this size (40x40x120cm or 30x30x60cm).  I realize that these tents were probably designed to maintain a mother plant, rather than a full cycle harvest.  But I assume they should work fine with the right setup and realistic expectations of the harvest quantity!  So my questions for the more experienced farmers here:


  1.  Small space, so I assume I should use low heat lights.  If we ignore lamp purchase cost for the moment, would I get a better harvest with CFL or LED
  2. I was thinking of of DWC, coco with recycling, or coco with run to waste.  Are any of these options better for my small space and limited height?  I'm open to other methods that suit compact grow spaces.
  3. To maximize yield, I suspect I'll use a combo of LST and topping.  Maybe SOG.  Good idea or something else?
  4. One plant seems reasonable, but maybe multiple smaller plants would maximize my yield?
  5. I should probably select my strain carefully.  Indica or indica-hybrid for a short bushy plant seems the go.  Should I select an Auto or Photoperiod version in my compact space?  Or maybe thats just personal preference?
  6. If anybody has opinions about the features or build quality of Homebox or Secret Jardin, it might help me make a decision.

Thanks for the help!

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I'm new to this as well so cant offer a great deal of advice except to mention the main issue I've had in a small space- heat, even with a good extraction fan the heat in summer gets hard to deal with when the outside temp is mid 30s and add a few degrees for the grow space. Cfl generated too much heat, so have 2 eBay 300w ufo leds in there which generate negligible heat backed up by 2x 50w led grow bulbs which have to be switched off in summer.
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Honestly for that small space I would just use soil and hand water 1 or 2 plants to max yeild. DWC would be a pita in that space (youll lose 30-40cm of head room due to bucket height, also think about changing 20L+ of water every week in a 60x60x140 space!). The 60x60x140 tents would work well for a couple of plants with space on top for powerboard, ducting etc.


EDIT - Re lighting, cfl will do fine or even t5 fluros but LED would be better. Just be prepaired to pay for a decent one tho.

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Fast responses, cheers!  LED's are indeed more expensive than CFL, but I'm ok with the cost considering the potential advantages.  The Viparspectra or Galaxyhydro 300w are reasonably priced in my eyes. and get good reviews.  I have contemplated soil + manual watering, but I frequently take short work trips.  A system that can maintain itself for a few days is necessary.  Which points to some type of hydro.  Most of the available hydro/aero systems do seem to use about 40cm of my 120cm height.  I then need a little more space for LED lights: 10cm light itself + 45cm distance to blooming plants = 55cm.  Thats 95cm for equipment and only 25cm for the plants ... doesn't sound like much to me!  So that leaves me needing a shallower hydro system or LED's that need less space to avoid light burn.  I'm happy with either off-the-shelf or DIY hydro systems...

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My plants are in soil and I left them for 7 days at the start of flowering to go on holiday. They just needed a good watering when I got back.

I have the viparspectra 300, I really like it but i only have about 30cm between light and plant so the viparspectra is too intense, fries the plant. If you have 18 inches it might make a difference.

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you can 'step away' from your plants when growing in coco, just make a few adjustments, easy to go three nights w/o them needing attention. 
Not as easy to get away when you are in flower, there will be a time that your plants need heaps of water.


have you thought of gravity feed watering?
could use it as an adjunct to hand watering when you go away.


re#6 if you have the funds, buy one- they seem perfect. it's the cost that would hold me back (that and I have heaps of space to grow)
re#5 if you want extra strong smoke, go photoperiod, auto's are not as high in THC 

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One plant, hempy bucket sounds like it's suited to you. Choose a pure or almost pure indicia like a Northern Lights. You could even put a Scrog over the top of it to maximise yeild in that small space. Veg for ages getting it flat and top it a lot. That's what I'd do. Good luck. MLG


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I'm new to hydroponics and hadn't found the hempy bucket technique yet.  Looks perfect!  If I'm understanding what I've found, I can use almost any size container.  Wide and shallow would make good use of my limited floorspace.  Looks like a cheap method with easy to find materials, great bonuses....

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