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just another opinion 


i don't know the bottles posted but 

if using canna terra pro soil mix i'd give these a go 


Eco Aminogro = use all the way , foliar & drench in veg & drench in flower 

Gogo juice , same as above 


worm castings , these are , nutrients , inoculation , plant boosters & pest control all in one bag or farm of shit

top dress them , make bubbled teas from them , foilar spray them &/or soil drench them  


aminogro & gogo juice are cheap & pretty easy to find but also nothing wrong with getting to know your hydro shop guy , which doesn't mean buy his 

best margin product line but you can dig for info , just don't take & not give / buy something if that be the case 

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Yeah canna +++ I don’t use there boost to expensive better out there for cheap


I currently use big bud


Anyone tried karma innovations atomic?


Yeah some hydro shops are just out there to take your money


Do some research and go buy your preference and give it a go


I like canna because I believe they’ve done a fair bit of r&d


I would love to try the reiziger range but not familiar with them as they are from holland



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