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Edibles can either rock you or not, in most cases I find it rocks me to shit.


Sorry can’t help in dosage in that sense as well as the buzz is completely different. Best is to have a free day and then experiment. It can also depend on the amount of butter your mixing with as well as if its buds or trim etc

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edibles travel a diff path though the body & the reason a heavy smoker can be hit hard with a low dose edibles

look up 11 hydroxy thc , which is what thc is converting to when consumed as a edible , 5 to 10 x stronger than delta 9 thc  


without testing it's hard to know what / how much is being consumed 


if you turn some bud into extracted oil with grain alcohol , the amount 

you extract after alcohol evaporation  , lets say is 5g , you can use that as your dosing , 1 part 5g to 3 part 15g of coconut oil 

would give you a 25mg dose with 75mg of coconut oil in a canna cap let say  


1 part 5g to 2 part c oil = 33mg dose 

1 part 5g to 1 part c oil = 50mg does 


of cause this does not answer how much you can consume but will give you a rough idea of you & how much is too much through trial & error 

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i have these https://ardentcannabis.com/products/nova-decarboxylator-220v/ & https://magicalbutter.com/

& the alcohol = expensive https://www.liquorworld.com.au/product/polmos-spirytus-rektykiowany-rectified-spirit-polish-pure-spirit-vodka-500ml/


once you've extracted = after the magical butter machine , put the canna oil & alcohol in a glass container & evaporate slow / room temp 


to get the last of the alcohol out , freeze it , the oil will go hard , the alcohol won't freeze & can be cleaned off

with a razor blade , scrape up the hard oil & turn the hard lump of oil upside down & put back in the freezer


at some point after you do that a couple times , you won't see any liquid coming out of the oil 

then it's ready to mix easily into a oil or fat based carrier , once like that , there's no heat required

to mix the 2 together , apart from the heat needed to turn coconut oil or butter to a liquid 

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Unfortunatly without knowing your starting THC/CBD content theres no way of knowing exact figures for dosing. Only through trial and error will you know what to expect with a specific amount of butter or oil, but if you use a different strain youll need to start at square 1 again due to different THC/CBD profiles of different plants.
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