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Biobizz + Seasol: Help Needed

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Been putting together a simple indoor grow for a while now and have gotten to the final step of trying to figure out nutes. I'm growing an autoflower in 1/3 mix of basic soil, peat moss and perlite. 

I bought 2 sets of "Biobizz Try-Pack" that include a veg, bloom, and some bullshit yield enhancer or whatever. Was wondering if i need to bother with these though as i bought bottles of Powerfeed and Seasol earlier today, or if i need to bother with the Powerfeed and Seasol if i'm using the Biobizz nutes?


Added the dolomite lime in the pic because why not, maybe someone could shed some light on whether I'll need that too (it was more of an impulse buy after reading about it somewhere).


Also, may as well ask while i'm here, what's the best time to water/feed in terms of before or after light cycle?



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that would be a " simple indoor " bill 


next time change out your basic soil for compost or castings or both 


keep seasol 

turf powerfeed = not organic 

use biobizz plant based aka veganic nutrients - top max smells like something from mcaaa's i rekkon 


dolomite , mix in to your soil at a rate of 1/4 cup per 1/2 cubic foot ( 14lts ) of mix


watering would be the same as outdoor in summer considering that's what your trying to emulate indoors sort of 


on a hot day you would water in the morning ready for the heat of the day , on some days it could get morning 

& night watering s 


indoors is a lill diff , lights out generally increases humidity in your space , watering at lights out would 

increase that humidity further so lights on watering is preferred , letting some of the moisture be consumed & evaporated / exhausted while lights on 


no hard & fast rules here considering we all live in diff parts of the country & deal with diff  ambient temperature & humidity for an area 


whatever gives you consistent temp & humidity numbers , go with that 

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