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Nutrient recommendations

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After some advice on nutrients please.


My new grow will be in a perlite/vermiculite mix. Roughly 75/25.


I have been using Canna Vega and Flores with Rhizotonic for quite a while now. That was growing in Canna Terra.


My local hydro shop closed recently and I went to another last month and they don’t stock Vega or Flores. The owner pushed the stuff pictured below down my throat... I assume he gets a good kick back on sales.. apparently made locally. It is cheap at only $30 for the litre bottle.


Is the claim it is good for growing in any medium a bit of an exaggeration?






I am happy to pay for good nutrients, any advice on what line I should use in the perlite/vermiculite mix ?

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Been using my sample and im pretty happy with it. So very simple https://www.popsgarden.com.au/product-page/greenleaf-nutrients-megacrop this guy in aus sells it or u can get a sample from the greenleaf us website but its $16 shipping fron the states.


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Interesting. The bottle I pictured has double the nitrogen.. all the percentages just confuse me ! lol

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