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Peyote, san pedro or other ?

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Ok well here is the thing about your choices,

Lophora williamsii otherwise known as peyote is firstly illegal to cultivate in most countries and seccondly it takes many many years to grow to a consumable size unless you use techniques like graphting, to speed up the growth and then allow it to grow on it's own at a slower rate to catch up the alkaloid levels personaly I think Lophs are primaraly an ornimental thing and should be respected.


If you are wanting a faster growing cacti then something like a san pedro is a good choice but really any of the popular Trichocereus family members will cover your needs, look for T. Peruvians T. Bridgesii and ofcourse Pachanoi ( san pedro )


hope that helps

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If you where goign to find a "san pedro " at mitre 10 ect your won't find it asking for it in that way , anyone that does happen to know the name san pedro is likely goign to know what it can potentially be used for, you would be better off asking if they have any cacti in the Trichocereus family, chances are they are not going to stock them BUT if your going to ask I belive your better using it's true name because a garden specialist in the mitre 10 may only know them by their families or latin name



Sodry , cacti are great to grow and a very interesting hobie to play around with, as for not being able to smoke it wel lthats a choice thing isn't it , the gnome that lives in my garden says the stuff gets you allot higher than the best of buds ( just a very different high ) :devilred:

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Hammertime, believe it or not Trichocereus cacti are extremely prevalent in the metro area They are very popular plants that have been used for landscaping for many years, particularly San Pedro. If you know what youre looking for you will find advanced cuttings at garage sales and swap meets quite easily for a few bucks. ( normally sold by little old ethnic ladies).

Good luck

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