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Ppm to ec


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To get an EC value, multiply the ppm reading by 2 and divide by 1000. Thus, if your EC is 1: 1*1000/2= 500 ppm.

Haha it equals 550 ppm [emoji16][emoji16] sorry maths ocd couldnt help myself [emoji23][emoji23] and that would be on ppm 500(tds).... most nutrient companies use either ppm700 or ec


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I just dont get why they have to make so many different types of meters!! I got caught out buying a h&m ec3 meter years ago. Admittedly i was in a hurry at the time and prob should have asked more ?'s when buying it lol.... but i spent the next 3 months wall bashing every night , trying to convert microsemens into ec!![emoji23][emoji23] never again lol. ill only ever buy bluelab meters both ph and ec.... worth every penny imo[emoji16][emoji16]


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