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Difference between regular seeds

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Ok I'm definitely a newbie. Just about to try again. Whats the difference between regular, female and male seeds?

First grow i think maybe 1 might have lived but this time I'm in a comp with my husband and i really want to grow better than him

Female seeds grow female plants - they bud


Regular seeds grow either (lucky dip)


Male seeds will grow male plants - they have pollen sacs

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So if male and female grow next to each other is that bad? Going to grow in pots this time so if the bad weather and flooding starts i can move them upstairs.

Is if you want bud! You will pollinate the female if you don't remove the male and then you'll get seeds instead of bud. If you want to breed though, this is a good way to get regular seeds
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Thanks. Should be ready to start next weekend. Just read they are similar to hops. Hops is easy. I grew up in Tassie with them growing near me.

Yup that's it, just keep reading. Any online grow guide you find will give you all the basics to get ya head around it and then you should start a journal and document it all so the community can help. That's my advice anyway
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