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Who’s a spoilt girl then

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After last years losses to heat, I splurged on an air con for the girls. I got a portable unit from Aldi for $300. It’s got a vent ducting to a window frame thingy. The light shone through but a can of black spray paint on the ducting fixed that. I only put it on for the very hottest of days and at max temp which is 31C. But there was an unexpected bonus. When on fan mode, it exhausts! The fan mode will drop the temp by 2C, but it’s the exhaust thing that’s got me excited. Now I don’t have to run a separate exhaust fan and the energy consumption for the air con is on par with the exhaust fan. I’ve only had to use it as an air con a few times, but is now running 24/7 in fan mode. Much easier to install than trying to climb on top of the tent to fit overly large, heavy and noisy exhaust fans, not to mention trying to run ducting to wherever. Best decision ever.post-57620-0-20547100-1516498639_thumb.jpeg



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Aquadoll - I don’t think aircon itself damages plants, it’s the quality (volume) of the airflow. No point having a cool room if it’s recirculated air, and no point having great ventilation if the temps are too high. Try to strike a happy medium. As long as you can move air in and out you should be right. I’ve always found it harder to get air out than it is to get air in.
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