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New grower need some tips

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All of the suggestions above are good but if you have no idea of where/what/how to start, then you need to know some basics, then make certain choices to fit your needs.

Others will all have opinions but only you know your circumstance to make those choices. For example are you wanting to use lights or the sun? Full hydro or organic? etc

These are questions only you can answer.

Now years ago around here (and I can't find a link here anymore) there was a site called Cannaversity. They have a 'decent' rundown on allsorts of differing techniques. I say 'decent' because it is very broad and nowhere near as refined as the individual info you will gain from ozstoners members. But for the newbie it may help to break through all of the information/opinions/bullshit everybody has. Here's a link http://cannaversity.com/cannaversity/cannaversity/category.php?id=11


We all have info, we all have advice. But if ANYONE tells you they know it all... ...IT'S BULLSHIT. Me? I know what works best for me and my setup, but to say I know it all is wrong. I grow full hydro. I know very little when it comes to aquaponics. I grow in perlite, I know very little about coco coir. I know what works for MY setup. I use the K.I.S.S. theory (Keep It Simple Stupid) There's less things for me to cockup that way.


Go have a read, inform yourself. Then look at your circumstances and make some choices. If you are not sure of ANYTHING then ask, we will assist. Don't go blindly one way only to later go WTF. But having nil info is a bad way to start. Inform yourself, then you can make an informed decision. I can tell you from experience going blindly can be very expensive.



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