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Wilting branch, scrap or salvage? Pics.

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Hi all,

I’ve had one plant that has been riddled with problems this year from spider mites,caterpillars and more to disease.

So the same plant, a nightingale from mmg seeds, first had one wilting beach, on closer inspection I knowticed a split at the base of the branch, because I did lst ‘d the plant and it wasn’t able to strengthen up enough.

I’ve made a paste from simply water and bicarbonate sofa and packet the split and wrapped it in grafting tape. It came good and then went back to dying wwithin a week. Now second branch on opposite side is also wilting.

Anyone have any ideas? Chop both branches to stop the spread?

I think I should of taken the grafting tape off so the bi carb paste dried up but not sure if it’s going to help.

Don’t want to loose the plant so willing to cut the size in half if that’s what it takes.

The branch feels loose now as if the plant is trying to push it off from the rest.




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You mean root bound? I thought the reason people use fabric air pots was they don’t become root bound. My other plants the same size haven’t had any problems like this, but they are not LST like this one, so I’m thinking the problem has come from that and the splits in the stem/ disease has set in.
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