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Blueberry crop outdoors flowered early..?

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Hello i just visit my outdoor crop of blueberry by dj short.. i have cone to find that the have flower not even half way the December (not really sure why maybe my plant coves offered alil too much shade).. anyhow it the way it is now.


My question is if my blueberries have flowered early (about a ft to a ft and a half tall) should i let then continue, like will they still give anything i know it will be no minor jackpot but is there anything to be expected of these girls? Or will it be that low of a yield that i cant even count it as a harvent?

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are u sure u had jus+ one cone ?


sounds like u're having good +ime

Excuse me??

Yea my spelling may be off and might not write the best.. but wanna just scoll on if u havent got any usefull advice thanks?


Beside yeea im i am stoned.. im on a marijuana furum what would u expect from most users? Ahah


Cheers for your entertainment but u scurry on down ur hole again

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I've had plants look like they budding early then go back into veg ...did you get a week of heavy rain/cloud cover and a drop in temp recently like many in the south east corner of the country? If so, and your plants are in shady area then maybe that had some effect... They might reveg now. Or they could be autos? Any pics?


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