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First time guerilla grow, advice please!

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Hey guys, 


I've been reading a fair few glogs here and i understand there are probably thousands of these posts, but i would just like some advice please :)


First off, Bunnings is my best option for supplies (live right near one). 


I have some aussie bagseed (thinking of purchasing online after this grow) that i would like to plant outdoors.

I  purchased 3 bags of Aldi Super 8 soil (on special) which is organic and has perlite already mixed in. I also have another bag of perlite from bunnings, Seasol ,GoGo Juice,  Osmocote Rose & Gardenia fertilisers and thinking of purchasing manure (or blood and bone??) should i get anything else?

They will be planted in 20L pots ( https://www.bunnings.com.au/maxi-pail-20l-white-plastic-pail-with-lid_p4475875) would that be suitable? i have found a grow spot in the bush, should i elevate them (in trees) or just plant them in the ground? i am going to do some LST training to hopefully achieve a bush rather than christmas tree. 


Secondly, which germination technique would be suitable? i am thinking the wet paper towel method and then straight into some seed pellets (also from aldi) and then into a seedling starter greenhouse (similar to this https://www.aldireviewer.com/2017/03/27/gardenline-greenhouse-kit/). I have read that introducing sunlight is good for the seedlings but i will be unable to do this and will possibly just have to leave them in the sun all day or when i get home (4-5pmish), would that be okay? should i invest in a light (budget & stealth to keep in mind)?


I am thinking of growing 2-3 plants and hoping they turn out female, any advice and changes would be appreciated!! thanks :)


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Hey mate, I'm no pro but a few things jump out to me. Firstly the germ plan seems way too complicated just chuck them in seed pellets let them sprout there or a party cup. I know people like to talk about paper towels but handling a freshly cracked seed seems like a bad idea I'm way too clumsy for that. Seeds need darkness moisture and warmth to germinate provide these in the right range and a viable seed will grow.


Next 20l pots are too big for a small plant gotta transfer as the plant grows, from a cup to say 2l pot then 10l then 20l or something along those lines. I planted a seedling in a 20l pot and watched it not grow for months, it sucked.


Our soil is pretty shit in most places so if you want to plant in the ground you gotta work the soil. You could dig a big hole and fill it with your soil mix or amend the soil with organics which will take longer. Since you aren't after monster plants I'd just use pots or pillowcases as I plan to :)


I wouldn't leave seedlings in full sun all day they'll prob be cooked especially in a small container. You could leave them in a spot that only gets a couple hours sunlight and build gradually. Maybe a windowsill or under a tree outside where it will get morning sun n shade in the arvo then slowly move it away from the tree till it can handle full sun. It sucks when you're plants die so I wouldn't risk it. If you want light CFLs are cheap and easy you will still have to gently introduce them to the sun if you stop using CFLs though.


Lastly 2-3 plants is risky. 50℅ chance of male and a small chance of hermaphodites plus the risk of growing in the bush with theives and wildlife if you can, plant more.


Hope I helped

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Personally I just direct sow in the ground and get around 70-80% germination rate.


I take out a 10lt bag of seed germination mix to my site then put a handful in the ground which I've already prepared, drop a couple of seeds in each handful of seed raising mix, give a light water, then again every 2-3 days till they sprout.


If you've got a bunch of bag seed this would be the way to go if you want to grow in the ground. I do start seedlings under lights and take them out if I only have a couple that I might have purchased online

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It sounds like you have it worked out to me. I germinate in a teatowel then when the seed has produced a root approximately 1 cm long I plant into a jiffy pot. Full sun from there onwards. When the seedling is around 6 cm big I tear off the cloth around the jiffy pot then plant into the ground which has been worked up earlier. Plently of water the you are on your way. Need more than 3 plants but.


Good luck

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