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Re-using coco

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Been doin more trawling than tiawanese fishing boat

Cant seem to find a post on re-using coco without conflicting arguments.

Using canna terra pro with 30% perlite and 20% worm castings.

Have any u guys tried reusing coco after pulling plants and whether using cannazyme or similar is a must.

Iv'e read e/thing from just pulling out old root mass and whacking new seedling straight in, to multiple flushes with expensive root disintergrating, microbe chasing shit straight outta x-files.

Some guys swear their plants are greener and buds are bigger when they reuse medium.

Others say give yourself 5 uppercuts if u even think about it. Pathegen and pissed off microbes make it easier to just buy

new stuff.

At $35 per 50ltr bag this might not be in the realm of fair suck of the sav.

So have any u cannabioligists with much more experience had any success with poor man recycle?

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I reuse everything, i run it thru the garden bed normally, but sometimes i rip one out and plant one straight back in, as long as there is no great build up of salts, your right to go.

A few burning tips is no problem anyway, as with most problems they grow out of it if you don't fuck up to much more, correct PH is the key, and don't over fertilize to the extreme that the fuckers die


I usually inoculate me coco/perlite/wormshit with a shovel of dirt out of me tamacco patch

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Isn't Terra Pro a soil medium rather than coco, which is meant to be used with special nutes?


Can't see how it can't be re used, and zyme of some sort would make a lot of sense, along with a good flush and recharging with a bit of cal mag.  But I only re use mine by chucking it in the garden as an amendment for the soil, just find it simpler to start with fresh coco and the level of known control it gives me, plus the cost of coco just isn't high enough to make me want to pfaff about cleaning old.


150l+ of clay balls per grow cycle on the other hand is very tempting to recycle.

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G'day hashy mate

Yeah its weird lookin stuff

Got bits of twiggy lookin bark or wood bits, not real sure

Comes with perlite mixed in and just read the packet 85% organic shit.

Did'nt realize that. U would think that would break down over time.

And once again your right. It is a type of soil medium, they try to tell u to use canna nutes and additives but hydro guy reckons this is marketing.

Real fluffy shit like comes outta vacuum cleaner.

Had good results with it so far, compared to that revegging auto.

Its at 110 days and the weirdest lookin thing. Lost all its trikes and new bright green tiny things comin outta buds.

Trying to get a good piccy of it

Cheers mate    bob


Been using this stuff called boost from local hydro store.. totally organic no pgr's, any that shit

Really good 4 fattening up and stickyness



Edited by afgahn bob
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