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So my plant is an the final week of flush. Pistils are all looking nice and cloudy. The plant has some nice purple through it....

But wtf it stopped smelling, so a few days ago i noticed that my nice weedy smelling plant now has next to no smell and that smell is kind of like ... say burnt popcorn maybe.

Plant still looks nice and healthy though.

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Hey Hippie,

Yea, that's normal. How many weeks of 12/12 are you at?? As Mata states "...flower the plant a few extra days (before harvesting) to get the smell back"

During flowering the plant hairs go thru a cycle, the bud swells, the white hairs burst forward, the white hairs turn brown, die and disappear. Then the bud swells again and the process is repeated. Under lights I allow my plant to go thru this process 3 times prior to harvest.



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Thank you for all your replies. 

So I actually have no idea how long they have been flowering for, they are outside, and are just bag seed off a neighbor, i just figured I'd see what the trichomes looked like and go from there!

If i give a bud a squeeze  (this is not common practice) it is quite a lovely pine/mint smell, but my nose right up against a but .... maybe a burnt popcorn smell. Just a week ago I could smell them meters away. 


In saying that compared to the guy that I got the seeds off his buds looked like they were from the 1970s high times mag.... and well mine look like that dangerous stuff the government talks about lol... yet its the same seeds. 

Sorry about the drunk talk!

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