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Veg week 3

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Hi guys,

Just a quick question.


I have 2 plants in at the moment

600 w 18 hours on 6 off

Ec 1.0/1.2

Ph 5.8/9

Soilless grow in clay grow rocks


Both plants look healthy but i have noticed on one that the bottom leaves are slightly yellow and starting to look like nitrogen def.

this is what is really getting to me. Should I be making any changes to my ph? Or should my EC be much higher? I'm using simple grow a&b and a mag and cal nutrient also along with root 79. Overall plants look healthy just in the last few days noticed a yellowing on the bottom leaves. Can anyone please help me out on what this could be?


Thanks guys [emoji111]

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I should add they are on an automatic drip feed BUT I noticed they were drooping down a tad from being overwatered so water them 3 times a day until they are a bit bigger to handle to drip feed. Could it be they are not getting enough nutes because I'm not feeding them for long enough? What would be an appropriate time frame to leave my feed on without overwatering them? Thanks guys
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