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Anyone used log style vapes?

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Looking for any feedback people might have on log style vapes.  


I came across this post that suggested they might give the closest thing to a bong hit without combusting so I'm a little intrigued as the hit is probably what made it hardest for me to make the change from combusting to vaping.




IMO, I can't ask for anything more. It does, everything I ask of it and more. My ultimate goal, was reaching that "bong load" experience. One of the things I miss, from my stoner years, is snapping a bowl. Glass back then (80s), was out of the question. Too expensive and paper thin. It always broke. Always.
I hate smoking, however. I don't like the high, because that's not what I'm looking for, primary (who I kidding, I enjoy the effects of vapor). I want it for the meds, first. Pharmaceuticals are poison and I take too many, don't want them giving me more. When I got the HI, I knew it was the vape to pull it off. If you ever had the inclination, or the time ( lol)... you can see it in my vids... as I move thru different techniques and adapters. Plus, now I have the glass collection to REALLY get into it. Definitely a hobby. Haha...

While I'll still tinker, I've pretty much nailed it, I think. You may blow just as big clouds, with other vapes, but I challenge anyone and will rightfully respect/acknowledge the vape that pulls off hits like that and most important, no slow fill of
the chamber... there's a reason I call it the "Shotgun of Vapes". BOOM! It hits soon as you start pulling, for the most part. Also, literally as close to combustion as you can get, without going there. I've ashed only one... since I started hitting it like this to.



Some examples of log vapes...






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ok so you got me hunting about and it seems log vapes are rather simple in design by nature consisting of not much more than a glass joint and heating element which is either a ceramic element from a soldering iron or ceramic wire wound resistors that is being sorted to create heat all packaged in a simple hollowed out piece of exotic timber. 

Im thinking if you got an glass on glass male 19mm joint and stripped a cheap variable soldering iron down your could use arizer 19/19 bowls and build a mini version that could just pop onto your bong. I can feel a project coming on.

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