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A few issues and maybe a big one.

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This is regrow experimenting.
1. Plants were not repotted.

I'm using Dutch Fest a+b coco and Ozi MOnster, I run about half recc and my EC 2 or under.
Ph runs off in a recirculating system around 5.5 to 5.8.
When finished water/feed PH sits about 5.9 Tub sits just over 6.

2. I have some tiny little for lack of a better word "moths" when I brush up against the plants that fly of then come back to land. They also may have laying some little eggs that I am brushing off on these leaves that look like grains of salt but duller and a little creamier. They seemed t be layed on the underside of the yellow leaves on the lemon and maybe the curled up ones of the 

3. I also appear to have been still overfeeding them with some tip burn.

4. The back plant Lemon seems to have even lighter leaves, some half coloured, whilst near the "tops" in the back right it seems a nice green. Those yellow leaves have purple stems parts(?)

5. Plants are both probably root bound, last time Ak47 had no issues with this but these might.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, I've looked and read so much in this forum this arvo that my hurts hurts and I need to go and have a chonga and marinade the rump steak I'm cooking fajita with tonight.

Thanks for any and all of your time.

JPG 2476 Overview Pineapple front and  Lemon back


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Yeh I've got some similar yellowing , ,,,hope someone has an answer.

They are not "moths" I've got.

I'm pretty sure they are "white flies". 

That's about 10 hours of reading. I've seen "spider mites" 2000 f'ing times but this is the first time all f'ing day I see white flies.

Lights off, gotta wait until tomorrow .


"In order to see if whiteflies are present, just shake the plant. After this, if you notice a flock of something that resembles winged white dust or small white moths flying around, then you have whiteflies.

Your marijuana plant will show signs of damage from whiteflies. One of the mains signs is chlorosis deficiency, which is basically yellowing in the leaves. The leaves will start to dry up beginning around the edges, then falling off. The growth of the plant will also start to reduce and degenerate".


You can see a couple of them in the pictures



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At the supermarket sticky fly strips. Or the yellow sticky pads .,,,hydro shops,,, and I think bunnings sell them ?


Put the shit everywhere you think they'll land .

That seems to be the first consensus everywhere but they only land back on the plants or seem to be drawn to the HPS. I kept ruffling the plant yesterday not actually knowing what they were and most of them ended up fried on the light. It smelt like bacon in there, no bullshit, lol.


I'm also going to give them a spray just before lights out with 1 tb vege oil to 2 litres of water under the leaves.

Then leave fans going all night and put big arse fan in there.


Then to go to garlic oil if that doesn't, then a hard blast.


Side laugh, I read about prevention and planting zinnia and thought yes I'll do that.

Works by attracting humminbirds, flies and other things that eat them. Won't wok in a tent lol

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