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What makes it worse is im almost certain its a result of something stupid that I did plus followed by a week of extreme heat I could kick myself,anyways it will be a learning curb for me,luckily I never put all my eggs in one basket but still disappointing,so what can I do with all this seedy pot?can I cook it or is it any good for any other purpose at all,medicine I don't know this has never happened to me before,my plan was going to be to just burn the lot but a mate said to ask around before I do that so what does everyone think,any ideas
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No Hermie is gone and I took great pleasure in destroying the mongrel lol I've just never ever had seed before so this a new one for me,I guess I better work out what I'm going to do then and put a plan into action,shit more work

You should have kept it and moved it to another part of the yard..I find my 2 fantastic and have a bunch of seed nearly ready lol...For me it's the perfect situation..Too poor to buy seed from a bank so i grow Hermies lmao...I harvested a top last week and dried it out this week for a lil taste..I was so stoned last night more than i have been in ages it was fantastic :) plus my female that never turned is going to be so good I reckon..Sticky as fuck and looking good..Hermies aren't as frosty but definitely still worth all the hassle I've had
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