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Feminised and Auto Opinions

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Well I have been looking through the seed banks and the breeds I might try for something differant.

I have never grown feminised or Auto's and was wondering the Pro's and cons


I will start with Feminised. (silver) 

Can they handle a bit of stress like a strong female ?

Or are they prone to Herm ?

Can you still breed with them and get viable seed ?


Auto's what are the pro's and Cons of growing these.



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Hi traviss. As a small time grower i have found that growing feminised seeds can take a fair bit of stress.. but have seen them turn if you over and under water .. if you want to have no doubt at all, growing clones are the best option.. as for auto flowers i have only grown one and too not heaps of success as i only grow out door
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I'm growing an auto now mine has grown 50cm in veg in 4 weeks i think it may end up around 1-1.2m tall so u need to factor in a auto's height if u have enough room because u cannot control its height unless u LST or tip but in my case she was hard to LST maybe I'm just soft lol

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I've never had any fem seeds herm where it wasn't a fuck up of my own doing, seem to be as strong as regs.  However, some have been a bit more prone to late flowering nana's, but that's more likely to be strain related than anything else, and even though I like to over mature my buds I've never had any pollination from those late flower nana's, so I've stopped giving a shit unless they were to turn up mid flower.


Autos?  Well, that's a bit more tricky to answer, really comes down to the individual and their circumstances.  I love them because they are fun, and they all seem to have a nice mellow edge to their stones.  But there's also a list of downsides to them, mainly due to lack of control over veg time, which means any minor fuck up can be a major problem.  Also having to pay to run lights on veg cycle start to finish is an extra cost.  I like to run them as a quick outdoor run in late spring, early summer, and as a way to utilise space and light during longer veg times and other convenient situations, but still spend more time, energy, space, and focus on my photo plants, so I don't grow a lot of autos.  Certainly wouldn't want to grow auto's only.


I'd recommend having a bit of a play around with autos on the side so you can figure out what you think of them, and how you can work them into what you are doing.

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