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Best place in Australia to live and grow?

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Ok well im fed up with my town, its turning to shit from all the crack heads..Multiple home invasions, stolen cars, people's houses getting shot at, stabbings, escaped prisoners..And this is only in the last few days. Im a single dad with no family so it doesn't matter where I move really ..Ideally I'd like to live in the bush off grid and live off the land..It's been a dream of mine since I was a little kid( im 36 this year). Suggestions? And no Im not looking for info on where everyone lives lol just ideas on places that are still fairly untouched. I have one place in mind, it's where I was born and would be awesome to grow outdoors and was originally talked about as a place to grow commercial medical marijuana back in 2014 but the Aussie government soon kicked that idea in the guts the ©Un7s .
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Yeah I also thought of Tasmania ..If I could afford to I'd definitely buy a few acres there, its damn cheap compared to the area im in

..Average price of a rental in my town is $500wk and average price to buy is $550-600k, hence the reason I live in a 2bd granny flat with my son lol

And that's just a normal one storey brick home from the 70s. .. Originally as a kid it was Alaska in a log cabin lol.

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Move to the country houses 4 hours out of the big city only cost $125,000 u can pick up old shacks or commercial places like old shops for $80,000


i would still head indoors tho


go green get panels installed have a small battery bank


you would have next to no bills owning and producing your own power... yearly rates would be one tho

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Tough question.


Tassie certainly would not be the place for an outdoor crop... i reckon the top end would be a struggle too. Too much rain and humidity.


From personal experience there is still a lot of affordable land and property an hour or so from Brisbane. Some beautiful country too. Even further south in to northern nsw. Lots of sleepy affordable little towns Broadwater, through Kyogle etc.


I've never had a chance to explore WA but it looks appealing too.


Good luck :)

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