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Grow Tent Basic Set up 4 Dummies

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Currently researching grow tents etc. I've only grown outdoors 5th grow this year but now that winter is coming I want to learn how to grow in a grow tent using LED.


Tent size is 120cmx120x200H and looking to purchase a 6x 100w integrated coblight to conserve power.

Will this be enough lighting for this size tent ?

What other accessories are needed

Fans, inline fans? It's doing my head in. We have no Hydro shops that sell plug n play set ups.

I will be driving 6hrs to the big smoke to buy tent cos I'm paranoid.

Any help greatly appreciated

Someone help a country girl out


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You will need an air filter ,fan to fit and small amount of ducting to fit ,expect to pay around 300 dollars for the fan and filter .maybe a bit more.


Don't skimp on costs or you will most likely regret it .


PH meter = essential.


EC meter.... or solution.




Nutrients to suit the medium .......for veg and bloom.


You haven't said what system you want to use eg DWC or run to waste


Anyway that's a few basics to think of


,the hydro shop should have it all

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I'm planning out my grow and looking at same size tent. Will be keeping my eye on this thread. Still tossing up between 600wHPS or some DIY COB LEDs. LEDs much more expensive outright but pay for themselves after a few grows, HPS is pretty cheap off the shelf and proven to just work. Most tents have an intake and exhuast which would like up with your shade/cool tube if using a HPS. If you go LED you don't need that but you will still need fresh air coming in and hot air going out. What kind of system are you going to use? hydro/soil? Coco maybe? 


You can look online at other plug and play setups and copy that or read through some info on this site and copy the setup you like best. Sorry can't advise much about specific fans or anything. 

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BE careful of the tent you buy.. GroPro are the worst i have ever seen.  Look for middle of the range regarding price because the lower end stuff is rubbish.


A decent inline fan and carbon filter is a must.. I bought a cheap filter a year ago and i'm looking to change it already


Fk driving 6 hours, you can order the stuff online

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