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HEMP’s Interim Measures: Cannabis for medical purposes in Australia

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Options for the development of Interim Measures

We are seeking genuine government assistance, with the help of appropriate policy makers and advisory input to develop a detailed policy option for presentation to the International Narcotic Control Board (INCB) on behalf of the Australian people.

The current confusion, pace and uncertainty surrounding the use of Cannabis for medical purposes has perplexed the most intelligent researchers, proponents, politicians, patients, carers and families too.

In the early 2000’s, the New South Wales Carr Government sought to deliver a meaningful medical regime for Cannabis but was halted in its attempt.

This latest round of to-and-fro has achieved very little other than to immensely popularise illicit Cannabis for medical purposes.

After more than four years of sustained lobbying, several Parliamentary Inquiries, recent changes to the Australian Narcotic Drugs Act, rescheduling of certain cannabinoids and countless undertakings made by politicians to seriously ill Australians and their grieving families, not much has changed and is unlikely to!

We hope the Australian Government will foster an Interim Measures Plan (IMP) based on the options provided.

Upon adoption we believe an IMP will go a long way to address the needs and concerns of a significantly rising number of Australians who use Cannabis every day for medical purposes.

HEMP Party – February 2017.

Policy Page

Interim Measures on Cannabis for medical purposes in Australia


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